About Us

We grew up in a little place called Ålsten, outside of Stockholm. There is a small hill there where we spent most of our time, both during summer and winter.

In the winter time we built jumps and walked up and down with our skies and snowboards, jumping, tumbling, playing, racing and laughing until our parents came after sunset shouting at us that it was time to go to bed. That little hill was our alps.

We enjoyed being out, with our friends, playing and developing skills, just as kids should do. No matter what the weather looked like.
When we now are older, have our own kids and spend time outdoors again, we sometimes feel that the playfulness has gone missing, it is more focused on technical materials, what types of super brands you are wearing etc. Some of the fun has gone missing.

Thats why We started Ålsten Alps. The mission of our brand, Bring the fun back in outdoor. Welcome to us! Enter at your own leisure.